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C.I.D.: Bedeutung
C.I.D.Confe´rence Internationale Douanie`re
C.I.D.Criminal Investigation Department[britische Kriminalpolizei]
CID: Bedeutung
CIDCentre d[EWG]
CIDCentre for Industrial Development[EG-Lome´-Abkommen]
CIDcomputer integrated manufacturing[engl.; computerunterstütztes Herstellen]
CIDConfe´rence Internationale Douanie`re
CIDCriminal Investigation Department[britische Kriminalpolizei]

Abkürzungen ähnlich wie cid

  • CAAD- computer-aided/assisted architectural design
  • CAD- computer-aided/assisted design
  • CAT- city air terminal
  • cath.- cathedral
  • CATIA- computer-graphics aided three dimensional interactive application system
  • CCD- charge coupled device
  • CCITT- Comite´ Consultatif International Te´le´graphique et Te´le´phonique
  • CCT- Craniale Computertomographie
  • cd- Candela

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen cid vorkommt

  • AIM- automatic identification manufacturer
  • AIS- automatic identification system
  • Ave- Alta Velocidad Espan
  • Catch- computeraided tracking and characterization of homicides
  • CATCH- computeraided tracking and characterization of homicides
  • DHA- Docosahexaenacid/-säure
  • DNA- Desoxyribonucleic acid
  • FAME- Fatacidmethylester
  • FIRST- Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
  • GABA- Gamma-Aminobutteracid
  • HVA- Homovanillin-Acid
  • inc.- incidit
  • J.C.D.- Juris Canonici Doctor
  • MINURSO- Misio´n de las Naciones Unidas para el Referendum en el Sa´hara Occidental
  • PAFC- Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
  • RNA- ribonucleic acid
  • PFAD- palm fatty acid distillate