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c.s.: Bedeutung
c.s.colla sinistra[ital.: »mit der linken Hand«; Musik]
c.s.con sordino[ital.: »mit Dämpfer«; Musik]
c.s.cum sigillo[lat.: »mit Siegel«]
CS: Bedeutung
CSSerbien und Montenegro
cs: Bedeutung
cscybersex[virtueller Sex]
csCounter Strike[Computerspiel]
Cs: Bedeutung

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  • c- cycle

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen cs vorkommt

  • AGA- advanced graphics adapter
  • AGP- accelerated graphics port
  • AIA- American Institute of Aeronautics
  • AIAA- American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • AIP- American Institute of Physics
  • Alt Gr- alternate graphics key
  • ASC- Automatic Sensitivity Control
  • ASPI- advanced SCSI programming interface
  • AST- Atlantic Standard Time
  • ASU- Arabic Socialist Union
  • ATS- air traffic service
  • ATS- American Thoracic Society
  • BSR- Basic Service Rate
  • CAA- Civil Aeronautics Administration
  • CAB- Civil Aeronautics Board
  • CATIA- computer-graphics aided three dimensional interactive application system
  • CCL- Container Control and Logistics
  • CD+G- compact disc plus graphics
  • CGA- color graphics adapter
  • CGA- color graphics array
  • .cgm- computer graphics metafile
  • DSC- Dynamic Stability Control
  • EAS- European Atomic Society
  • econ.- economical, economics, economy
  • Econ.- economical, economics, economy
  • EDMA- European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association
  • EGA- enhanced graphics adapter
  • EIA- Electronics Industries Alliance
  • EIDE- enhanced integrated device electronics
  • EMLE- European Master in Law and Economics
  • ESD- Electronic Software Distribution
  • ESONE- European Standard of Nuclear Electronics
  • Esone- European Standard of Nuclear Electronics
  • ETHEL- European Health Telematics Association
  • EULISP- European Legal Informatics Study Program
  • EuPC- European Plastics Converter Association
  • EuPC- European Plastics Recyclers Association
  • FIDE- Fe´de´ration Internationale des Echecs
  • FITT- Fe´de´ration Internationale des Travailleurs des Tabacs
  • FOC- fiber optics communication
  • frs- Francs
  • FSO- Free-Space Optics
  • GATS- Global Automotive Telematics Standard
  • GEM- graphics environment manager
  • GIF- graphics interchange format
  • GL- graphics library
  • GMCH- graphics and memory controller hub
  • GPL- graphics programming language
  • GSA- Genetics Society of America
  • HGA- Hercules Graphics Adapter
  • HGC- Hercules Graphics Card
  • .hgl- Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  • HPGL- Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  • h.s.- hoc sensu
  • H.S.E.- hic sepultus/situs est
  • H.S.S.- hic sepulti/siti sunt
  • IAP- International Association of Psychotechnics
  • ICA- International Commission for Acoustics
  • ICCMO- International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics
  • ICG- International Congress of Genetics
  • ICO- International Commission for Optics
  • IDE- integrated device equipment/electronics
  • IDE- integrated driver electronics
  • IEA- International Ergonomics Association
  • IEEE- Institut of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IFR- International Federation of Robotics
  • IFTA- International Fine Technics Association
  • IGES- initial graphics exchange specification
  • IGP- integrated graphics processor
  • IIE- Institute for International Economics
  • IMCS- International Movement of Catholic Students
  • INCB- International Narcotics Control Board
  • INEA- International Electronics Association/Internationaler Elektronik-Arbeitskreis
  • INGRES- Interactive Graphics and Retrieval System
  • INTEGRAL- International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
  • Intel- Integrated Electronics Corp.
  • .aero- aeronautics
  • IOE- International Office of Epizootics
  • IOMP- International Organization for Medical-Physics
  • ISAPS- International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • IUGG- International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
  • IUPAP- International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
  • IUTAM- International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • LSA- Linguistic Society of America
  • LSE- London School of Economics
  • MARK- Machine for Automatical Results and Kinetics
  • MBI- Master of Business Informatics
  • MCGA- multi-color graphics array
  • MEA- Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging
  • MEDEA- Microelectronics Development for European Applications
  • MGA- monochrome graphics adapter
  • .mng- multiple image network graphics
  • MSD- Microsoft Diagnostics
  • NAGS- North American Geosynthetics Society
  • NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NATS- National Air Traffic Services
  • NGS- National Geographic Society
  • NHTSA- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • OSS- Office of Strategic Services
  • PGA- professional graphics adapter
  • PGC- professional graphics card
  • PGML- Programmable Graphics Markup Language
  • PRF- Plastics Recycling Foundation
  • PSTN- Public Switched Telephone Network
  • PTSD- posttraumatic stress disorder
  • RS- Republic Srpska
  • SCAM- SCSI Configured Automatically
  • SGI- Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  • SGRAM- Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
  • SPC- specific product characteristics
  • SVG- scalable vector graphics
  • SVGA- super video graphics array
  • TIGA- Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture
  • TIMSS- Third International Mathematics and Sciences Study
  • URC- uniform resource characteristics
  • UXGA- ultra extended graphics array
  • VDC- Vehicle Dynamics Control
  • VESA- Video Electronic Standards Association
  • VGA- video graphics array
  • Virge- video and rendering graphics engine
  • .wpg- WordPerfect Graphics
  • WSTS- World Semiconductor Trade Statistics
  • XGA- extended graphics array
  • SWAT- Special Weapons And Tactics
  • fsghdhdujddfhsgfwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww- ncs,vsjsfsksfsmscmvsbsjdnxhcnhd<bvs vsffdfgshxcgfffffff
  • tplss- Third Party Locistic Service Support
  • INTEL- INTegrated ELectronics (integrierte Elektronik)
  • BTP- Bâtiments et Travaux publics
  • DoM- Doctor of Metaphysics
  • D.o.M.- Doctor of Metaphysics
  • DM- Doctor of Metaphysics
  • Dr.mph.- Doctor of Metaphysics