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cts.: Bedeutung
cts.Cents; Centavos; Cente´simos; Centimes; Ce´ntimos
cts: Bedeutung
ctsCents; Centavos; Cente´simos; Centimes; Ce´ntimos
CTS: Bedeutung
CTSclear to send

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  • Catch- computeraided tracking and characterization of homicides
  • CDAX- Composite Dax
  • CDC- Carl-Duisberg-Centrum/Centren
  • CDG- Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft
  • CD+G- compact disc plus graphics
  • CDK- Convent Deutscher Korporationsverbände
  • CdS- Chef der Staatskanzlei
  • .cdx- compound index
  • CdZ- Chef der Zivilverwaltung
  • C.EDOK- C.eskoslovenska´ Dopravni´ Kance´lar.
  • Cetex- Ceramic Tile Experiment
  • CETS- Confe´rence Europe´enne des Te´le´communications par Satellites
  • CIDESCO- Comite´ International d
  • CITES- Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  • CODEC- Codierer/Decodierer

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen cts vorkommt

  • AGE- advanced glycation endproducts
  • AIA- American Institute of Architects
  • CISG- United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  • CPMP- Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
  • CSP- compact strip production
  • DAO- data access objects
  • DSD- Direct Stream[ing] Digital
  • EAPPI- European Association of the Plasma Products Industry
  • IUA- International Union of Architects
  • LFE- low frequency effects
  • PDS- processor direct slot
  • RAMPS- Resource Allocation and Multiproject Scheduling
  • SAP- Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing
  • TRIPS- Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  • UNOPS- United Nations Office for Project Services
  • UNSPSC- Universal Standard Products and Services Classification
  • VDC- Vereinigung Deutscher Contactschalen-Spezialisten
  • VO- Visual Objects
  • WPA- Works Progress/Projects Administration