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EDF: Bedeutung
EDFEuropean Defense Force
EdF: Bedeutung
EdFElectricite´ de France

Abkürzungen ähnlich wie edf

  • EADB- East African Development Bank
  • EDB- Einheitsdurchschreibebuchhaltung
  • EDIP- European Defense Improvement Program
  • EdP- Eau de Parfum
  • EDV- elektronische Datenverarbeitung
  • EDVA- elektronische Datenverarbeitungsanlage
  • ETB- Einheitliche Technische Baubestimmungen
  • ETF- einheitliche Trägerfrequenz
  • ETP- Executive Training Programme
  • ETV- Eidgenössischer Turnverein

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen edf vorkommt

  • AFCENT- Allied Forces Central Europe
  • AFMED- Allied Forces Mediterranean
  • AFNORTH- Allied Forces Northern Europe
  • AFPS- Armed Forces Press Service
  • AFRTS- Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
  • AFSOUTH- Allied Forces Southern Europe
  • ARTS- Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
  • BDM- Bund Deutscher Mopedfahrer
  • BVL- Bundesverband der Mopedfahrer
  • CAFM- computer aided/assisted facility management
  • c.f.- carried/Carried forward
  • C/F- carried/Carried forward
  • CFA- chartered financial analyst
  • CFM- Certified Facility Manager
  • CFP- Certified Financial Planner
  • CINCAFMED- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Mediterranean
  • CINCENT- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
  • CINCNORTH- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe
  • CINCSOUTH- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe
  • CINCUS- Commander in Chief United States Armed Forces
  • DFS- distributed file system
  • EFR- enhanced fullrate
  • ETF- Exchange Traded Fund
  • ICCF- International Committee on Canned Foods
  • MBFR- Mutual Balanced Forces Reduction
  • P-Frames- Predicted Frames
  • RMSF- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • WfM- Wired for Management
  • YAFIYGI- you asked for it, you got it
  • 7:-)- Fred Feuerstein