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I.N.C.: Bedeutung
I.N.C.in nomine Christi[lat.: »im Namen Christi«]
inc.: Bedeutung
inc.incidit[lat.: »hat es geschnitten«]
inc.incipiens[lat.: »beginnend«]
inc.incipit[lat.: »es beginnt«]
inc.inclosure[s][engl.: »Anlage[n]«]
inc.included, including, inclusive[engl.: »eingeschlossen, inbegriffen«]
inc.incognito[lat.: »unerkannt, heimlich«]
Inc.: Bedeutung
Inc.incorporated[engl.: »eingetragene Gesellschaft«]
INC: Bedeutung
INCIndian National Congress
INCInternational Numismatic Commission

Abkürzungen ähnlich wie i.n.c.

  • IANC- International Airline Navigators Council
  • IANEC- Inter-American Nuclear Energy Commission
  • IMACE- Association des Industries Margarinie`res des Pays de la CEE
  • IMAS- Internationale Musikakademie für Solisten
  • IMAX- image maximum
  • IMC- Instrument Meteorological Conditions
  • IMCO- Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
  • IMCS- International Movement of Catholic Students
  • IMEKO- Internationale Messtechnische Konferenz/ Konföderation
  • IMES- Internationale Marx-Engels-Stiftung
  • IMG- Internationale Moselgesellschaft

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen i.n.c. vorkommt

  • AGC- automatic gain control
  • AI- all inclusive
  • AIR- Arbeitsgemeinschaft Incentive-Reiseagenturen/ Veranstalter
  • AMD- Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
  • AMI- American Megatrends Inc.
  • ATC- Automatic Train Control
  • BECIB- Belgium Convention and Incentive Bureau
  • BMI- Broadcast Music Incorporated
  • bpi- bits per inch
  • CCP- Certificate in Computer Programming
  • CINC- Commander in Chief
  • CINCAFMED- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Mediterranean
  • CINCAIRCENT- Commander in Chief Allied Airforces Central Europe
  • CINCENT- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
  • CINCEUR- Commander in Chief Europe
  • CINCNORTH- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe
  • CINCSOUTH- Commander in Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe
  • CINCUS- Commander in Chief United States Armed Forces
  • COMEX- Commodity Exchange Inc.
  • cpi- characters per inch
  • CTC- Central Train Control
  • dpi- dots per inch
  • EIBTM- European Incentive & Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition
  • EITC- earned income tax credit
  • ETCS- European Train Control System
  • FICC- fixed income, currency and commodities
  • FIRST- Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
  • IAGC- instantaneous automatic gain control
  • i/c- in charge of
  • ICE- In-Circuit-Emulator[en]
  • ICER- incremental cost effectiveness ratio
  • in.- inch[es]
  • inc.- incidit
  • inc.- incipiens
  • inc.- incipit
  • inc.- inclosure[s]
  • inc.- included, including, inclusive
  • inc.- incognito
  • Inc.- incorporated
  • incl.- inclosure[s]
  • incl.- included, including, inclusive
  • incog.- incognito
  • Incorp.- incorporated
  • inpr.- in principio
  • ins.- inches
  • .vc- St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
  • i. p. a.- including particular average
  • ips- inches per second
  • ITR- Incore-Thermionik-Reaktor
  • k.d.c.l.- knocked down in carloads
  • KDCL- knocked down in carloads
  • WV- St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
  • KlC- Kleincomputer
  • KZV- Kaninchenzuchtverein
  • lpi- lines per inch
  • MASCC- Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
  • MICE- Meetings, Incentives, Conventions und Events
  • MSE- Meerschweincheneinheit
  • NSI- Network Solutions Inc.
  • OAW- Optical Assisted Winchester
  • ppi- pixel per inch
  • ppi- points per inch
  • ppsi- pound per square inch
  • psi- pound per square inch
  • QIC- Quarter-Inch Cartridge
  • RCL- Rhein-Container-Linie
  • RIT- Rail-Inclusiv-Tour
  • SGI- Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  • SITE- Society of Incentive & Travel Executives
  • SKV- Schweizerischer Kaninchenzucht-Verband
  • VC- St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
  • VCT- St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
  • TACT- Transactional Analysis in Customer Treatment
  • tct.- tinctura
  • Tct.- tinctura
  • TERCOM- terrain contour matching/terrain comparison
  • TIF- tax increment financing
  • tpi- tracks per inch
  • UNFICYP- United Nations Peace-Keeping Force in Cyprus
  • US GAAP- United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • US Gaap- United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Viacom Inc.- Video and Audio Communications Inc.
  • WV- Saint Vincent und die Grenadinen
  • ZDK- Zentralverband Deutscher Kaninchenzüchter
  • APB- Accounting Principles Board
  • dr.med.dent.- ftp://ftp.arm.gov/pub/share/www/incoming/nsacam/google.html <a href="ftp://ftp.arm.gov/pub/share/www/incoming/nsacam/google.html">google</a> [url=ftp://ftp.arm.gov/pub/share/www/incoming/nsacam/google.html]google[/url]
  • i.c.w.- in conjunction with
  • US-GAAP- United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • ACE- Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
  • IPO- InterProvinciaal Overleg
  • Err:508- Abe Lincoln