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EARN: Bedeutung
EARNEuropean Academic Research Network

Abkürzungen ähnlich wie earn

  • EAROM- electrically alterable read only memory
  • EIRMA- European Industrial Research Management Association
  • erm.- ermächtigen; ermächtigt
  • ern.- ernannt

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen earn vorkommt

  • ALP- Automated Learning Process
  • CAL- computer-aided/assisted learning
  • CALL- computer-aided language learning
  • CEF- Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching
  • EBIT- earnings before interests and taxes
  • EBITDA- earnings before interests, taxes, depreciations and amortisations
  • EBT- earnings before taxes
  • EITC- earned income tax credit
  • E-Learning- Electronic Learning
  • EPS- earning per share
  • PEG-Ratio- Price-Earnings-Growth-Ratio
  • PER- Price-Earnings-Ratio
  • PILOT- Programmed Inquiry Learning or Teaching
  • l2p- learn to play
  • EV- Earned Value