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EDM: Bedeutung
EDMelektronischer Distanzmesser
EDMengineering data management

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  • EDMA- European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association
  • ethn.- ethnologisch
  • eTIN- electronic Taxpayer Identification Number
  • ETM- Einheitstrimmmoment
  • ETMA- European Television Magazines Association
  • ETTN- Europäisches Netz für Technologietransfer
  • etym.- etymologisch

Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen edm vorkommt

  • AGMR- Advanced Gascooled Maritime Reactor
  • AM- Associated Member
  • AMD- Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
  • AME- advanced metal evaporated
  • AMF- Allied Mobile Force
  • AMG- Allied Military Government
  • AMPS- advanced mobile phone system
  • AMSA- Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft
  • CAM- computer-aided/assisted manufacturing
  • CAMAC- computer-aided/ assisted measurement and control
  • CAMD- computer-aided/assisted molecular design
  • CID- computer integrated manufacturing
  • CIM- computer integrated manufacturing [system[s]]
  • DMTF- Distributed Management Task Force
  • DPMI- DOS protected mode interface
  • EbM- evidence based medicine/evidenzbasierte Medizin
  • EBM- evidence based medicine/evidenzbasierte Medizin
  • EEMS- enhanced expanded memory specification
  • EMM- expanded memory manager
  • EMS- enhanced messaging service
  • EMS- expanded memory specification/system
  • GAM- goal automated manufacturing
  • HSMD- high speed mobile data
  • IUTAM- International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • PCM- pulse coded modulation
  • PMBS- protected mode boot sector
  • PMMU- paged memory management unit
  • QEMM- Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager
  • SGML- Standard Generalized Markup Language
  • SMDS- switched multimegabit data service
  • SMIL- synchronized multimedia integration language
  • TCM- Trellis-Coded Modulation
  • UM- unaccompanied minor
  • UMA- unified memory architecture
  • UML- Unified Modeling Language
  • UMLS- unified medical language system
  • UMS- unified messaging system
  • XMA- extended memory area
  • XMS- extended memory specification
  • bimtn- Bank Issued Medium Term Note
  • SCMAD- Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer